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Bucatini con datterini gialli, ricotta e pinoli.

500 gr Bucatini

800 gr Pomodori Datterini Gialli

160 gr Ricotta

120gr Pinoli


Cut the datterini tomatoes in half and brown them in a pan with a drizzle of oil. Let it cook.

Meanwhile, toast the pine nuts and, once lightly coloured, reduce them to crumbs with the help of a rolling pin.

At this point go back to the tomatoes that will be cooked by now.

All you have to do is blend them with ricotta, a generous handful of Parmesan cheese and a little water from the cooking pasta.

Drain the pasta, mix it with the delicious yellow cream obtained from the tomatoes and ricotta mix, adding another ladle of cooking water , stir it gently. Serve and add the pine nuts. Enjoy your meal.

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